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Dame Pat Evison Scholarship

Dame Pat Evison was New Zealand’s best known actress for several decades. Before she died in 2010 she gifted $50,000 to the Graeme Dingle Foundation (GDF). GDF matched that sum and has invested it so that the interest, in accordance with Pat’s wishes, can be used to provide a scholarship to a graduate of an FYD programme who wishes to study the arts.

If no suitable graduate of an FYD programme can be found GDF may accept other applications at its discretion.

The scholarship is intended to cover study fees for one year or more but any continuation will depend on the student providing proof of good grades and commitment. This proof will need to arrive to FYD no later than 30 August in any given year. An extension of funding for more than one year will also depend on the level of funding in the scholarship fund.

Applications should be made in writing to FYD no later than 30 August 2012. The scholarship will be awarded at the FYD excellence Awards on the 1 November at Government House in Auckland.

To apply click here!