Sir Edmund Hillary Youth Achievement Award

This year FYD is introducing a brand new gong to it's annual Project K Student Excellence Awards, the Sir Edmund Hillary Youth Achievement Award!

Purpose of the Award

The award is to honour outstanding achievement amongst graduates of FYD's programmes so that their stories can be shared and celebrated and used to inspire younger students. The winner will receive a $1000 scholarship.

Award Criteria

In 2010, this award will be for Project K graduates, defined as:

  • Past students of Project K who are 17 years & over and graduated from Project K at least two years ago (as at 14th October 2010).
  • Alumni, who since completing Project K, have 'achieved in amazing ways'.

This achievement can be across the spectrum of fields - sport, art, culture, community, leadership, and academia or in any other way which is outstanding.
See application form attached.

All achievements will need to be clearly demonstrated. We are seeking people's personal stories of how they have overcome difficulty or pushed themselves to achieve; the person with the highest grades won't necessarily get this award.

Award Ceremony

FYD Excellence Awards 14th October, 4pm, Government House, Auckland.

Costs of getting the winner to Auckland for this ceremony will be arranged and paid by FYD national office.  The winner will be most welcome to take part in the day's activities for PK students if they wish to.