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Only The Department of Child Youth and Family Services can make a referral to the programme.

Contact the Youth Justice team at your local CYFS office to find out more.

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MYND Programme

What is MYND (Mentoring Youth New Direction)?

MYND is for male youth offenders aged 14-17 years of age who are referred by the Department of Child, Youth, and Family Services (CYFS) for offending and anti-social behaviour.  The MYND programme consists of three primary interventions: community-based mentoring; community-based social work; and mentoring camps and holiday programmes. 

MYND reduces 'risk factors' (conditions which endanger youth and lead them off track) by increasing 'protective factors' (conditions that promote healthy behaviours and decision-making.) MYND staff work alongside a young person in his community to co-create an Individual Intervention Plan designed to reduce the young person's offending. Staff teach and model life-skills essential for positive youth development.


The aim of the programme is to reduce re-offending and anti-social behaviour by:

  • Identifying contributing issues
  • Providing positive options and alternatives
  • Assisting participants to integrate into society in a positive way

How do young people get involved in MYND?

Only the Department of Child Youth and Family Services (CYFS) can make a referral to the programme.

The young people that take part are:

  • Subject of a Supervision with Activity Order
  • Subject of a Supervision Order
  • Subject of a Family Group Conference Plan

When can someone start?

 CYFS are able to refer young people to the programme as they go through the Youth Justice process. The ‘revolving door’ concept allows CYFS the flexibility to access the programme as and when required.

How long is the programme?

Between 20 and 26 weeks dependent upon the type of Plan or Order the young person is on. As of 1 October 2010 the duration may extend up to 12-months due to legislative changes.