MYND staff

EDGE Lifeskills Ltd is contracted to provide the operational services of the MYND programme to the greater Auckland region. The personnel within the organisation have been delivering the programme since it started in 2001. They specialise in youth engagement and maintain a ‘do as we do’ approach through example and positive role modeling.

MYND mentors and social workers work in collaboration to address the complex issues of those referred to the programme and design an individual intervention plan to meet their needs. They work alongside each young person and their family on the programme.

MYND Social Workers

MYND Social Workers work with and assist the young person and their family. They:

  1. Implement the agreed terms of engagement
  2. Monitor and report on the agreed terms of engagement to CYFS
  3. Promote the needs of the family
  4. Liaise with other support services
  5. Explore education based options
  6. Explore employment options
  7. Provide professional advice and guidance
  8. Support the programme mentors


MYND Mentors

MYND Mentors focus their attention on the young person and develop mentoring based activities that are meaningful, interesting, cater to the needs of the individual and align with the intervention plan.

MYND Mentors are responsible for:

  1. Working in partnership with the MYND social workers and leadership team
  2. Identifying activities that interest the young person
  3. Supporting the young person to develop their strengths/needs
  4. Designing meaningful activities to assist knowledge/behavior acquisition
  5. Observing progress, provide feedback and make changes as necessary
  6. Maintaining safety
  7. Leading by example and role modeling the ‘do as I do’ philosophy
Making a referral

Only The Department of Child Youth and Family Services can make a referral to the programme.

Contact the Youth Justice team at your local CYFS office to find out more.

Free phone: 0508 FAMILY

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