Stars - Helping students make a safe transition into High School

It is well documented that the move from primary/intermediate school to high school can be a difficult transition with a negative impact on academic achievement and self-belief for some students.  

Stars makes the transition into secondary school a more positive experience for year 9 students. The programme helps to strengthen the student’s view of the school as a caring community by building positive relationships between year 9 students, teachers and senior students.

Year 12 and 13 students are trained as Peer Mentors and are encourage to develop leadership and life skills through the delivery of weekly lessons to year 9’s.  These lessons extend the year 9’s understanding of respect, self-confidence, communication, social reciprocity and resilience.

Stars has four planned and integrated stages: Outdoor Education Experience, Peer Mentoring, Community Adventure and Community Project.

Stars is based on four underpinning philosophies

  • Personal support so students can achieve and develop 
  • A range of tailored experiences over an extended period of time that will induce and cement behavioural changes
  • The development of personal skills and abilities
  • Continuous assessment to ensure the programmes effectiveness