How does the Stars programme work?

Five different components fit together in the Stars programme to provide students with a safe and easy transition into high school and equip them with a range of skills to achieve academically and socially.

Year 12 and 13 students (6th and 7th formers) are trained to be Peer Mentors and follow a structured programme which addresses key life skills such as goal setting, time management, good communication skills and building positive relationships. Senior students meet with their group of Year 9 students (3rd formers) weekly during terms one, two and three. Year 9 students develop key skills by drawing on and developing the leadership and mentoring skills of senior students.


This is a one week camp held at the beginning of the year where the wilderness is used as a training medium to break down barriers and open students up to their real potential. The Adventure Camp is critical to ensuring a bond is built between the Year 9 students, Peer Mentors and their Group Leaders (teachers).


Students spend a fun day exploring their local area, achieving certain challenges, while learning about what is available to them in their community.


Students plan, organise and spend a day giving something back to their community. Projects are diverse as cleaning cages at the SPCA, making morning tea for residents at a retirement home to cleaning up graffiti on a bus shelter. We believe that it is important for students to get involved in their community and contribute positively in some way.

Through participation in a careers expo, we expose students to a wide variety of career options early on in their education. This allows students to make more informed decisions about what subjects they may want to select at high school to assist them on their path to a future career.


It is vital that programmes are thoroughly evaluated. Evaluation enables us to report on outcomes to stakeholders, participants and their families, schools, local and central government and sponsors. To assist this process we gather information on health and lifestyle behaviours and self-efficacy, as well as measuring the effectiveness of each component of the programme.