FYD has a research team who are dedicated to evaluation and developing programme logic models to help measure programme outcomes. Their work provides an important evidence base (a key strategic driver for FYD) and assists in refining our programmes so that we remain responsive and relevant.

To ensure that our evaluation design and practices remain credible and also to provide opportunities for external evaluation projects, we have developed an association with the University of Auckland and Massey University. We are also open to proposals for independent research projects from Masters and PhD students or other research agencies.

If you would like to see a complete list of our published research, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like to have access to some of our research, please contact Julie Moore

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A Mentor Training Programme Evaluation of Effectiveness (Project K)
The aim of this 2005 thesis study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Project K mentor training programme. Participants were training-mentors and their trainers; as well as current-mentors and their students. Data was collected through questionnaires: Training-mentors’ knowledge of components in the programme was measured before and after they completed the training ...
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MSD Project K (PK) Evaluation Report Summary (Project K)
Helen McNaught and Chungui Qiao prepared an summary of an Evaluation for Project K on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development in 2007. In it's findings are the improvements the students involved made, findings by gender as well as the effect on Maori students. 
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Research Evaluation Projects June 2012 (Kiwi Can) (Stars) (Project K)

Julie Moore from the Foundation of Youth Development research team, updates on all the research projects for June 2012. 

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The Effectiveness of Stars Mentoring Programmes (Stars)
A dissertation for the University of Auckland, written by Kellie Noolan in 2011. This paper investigates the effectiveness of Stars as a mentoring programme at a significant time of change within a young persons life. 
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Young Maori Perceptions of a Youth Development Programme (Project K)
In 2011, Julie Moore prepared a document for the New Zealand journal of Social Sciences around the perceptions young Maori have about a youth development programme. This article contains excerpts from the students interviews about life before and after the programme.  
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Individual Growth in a Community-Based Youth Development Programme (Project K)
Kelsey L. Deane, Niki Harré and Julie Moore presented at the 117th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in 2009. The three presented on the individual growth of teenagers involved in Project K – a community based youth programme.  
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Adolescent Well-Being_Effects of Time and Intervention (Project K)
In 2002, Julia Warren teamed up with Project K to investigate adolescent development and how Project K impacts this. Julia examined changes over a year in well-being, family cohesion and personal goals of 27 young people involved in the Project K programme.
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School-based mentoring (Stars)

School-based mentoring: Examining the cultural and economic variations in engagement and effectiveness. Written by Kellie Noonan, Pat Bullen, Susan Farruggia for the University of Auckland, May 2012.
This paper examines the need for overseas mentoring models to be adapted to meet the needs of New Zealand youth.

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The Effectiveness of Project K on Participants Health and Lifestyle Behaviours (Project K)
Xin Zhang completed this paper while at the University of Auckland in 2011. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Project K on participants ‟health and lifestyle behaviours'‟ and the changes the participants made, specifically around healthy eating. 
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Eating And Activity_ The Importance of Family and Environment (Stars) (Project K)

Julie Moore and Niki Harré examine the eating behaviours, physical exercise and television viewing of secondary school students, and to investigate their relationship with parental monitoring and family cohesion. Printed in 2007.

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New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies Vol 47. No1. 2012

Read on for an abstract of the latest edition of the New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies Vol. 47, No. 1, 2012. Written by Kellie Noonan, Pat Bullen and Susan Farruggia, the abstract is around the cultural and economic variations in engagement and effectiveness. 

If you would like more information or a published copy of the journal, please contact Julie Moore, Research and Evaluation Manager. 

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Research and Evaluation Project October 2012

Julie Moore from the Foundation of Youth Development research team, updates on all the research projects for October 2012. 

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FYD Research and Evaluation project - October 2013

This Research and Evaluation projects update report (to October 2013) provides details of recent research on FYD programmes. The report summarises recently published research articles and research project reports (the last 3 years), and details research projects that are currently underway.

Research is grouped into the five FYD programmes: Project K, Stars, Kiwi Can, MYND and Career Navigator. Research is also included on the FYD’s Community Development Strategy.

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