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Foundation for Youth Development relies heavily on donations and sponsorships to assist in building a nation of confident Kiwi kids. Bequests form a very important way of helping us to achieve this challenge.  

A bequest to Foundation for Youth Development will be deposited in to our Youth Development Endowment Trust. The Youth Development Endowment Trust has been established as a permanent endowment that will ensure the longevity of Foundation for Youth Development programmes and the Trust Deed safeguards the fund so the capital remains the same.  We will invest your money so that the interest can ensure young Kiwis across the country are benefiting from Foundation for Youth Development's work for many years to come.

If you wish to include a bequest to Foundation for Youth Development in your Will, we recommend that you meet with your Solicitor.  

A bequest, grant or gift to the Youth Development Endowment Trust will serve as a lasting memorial to your support of New Zealand’s children and youth. If you will like to discuss making a bequest to the Foundation for Youth Development, please contact FYD’s National Office at

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