Project K
About Mentoring

Project K mentors are ordinary people that come from all walks of life. What makes them extraordinary is their commitment to support a young person to help them maximise their potential.

As a mentor, your role is to build a trusting, fun partnership with a Project K student and to assist them to set and achieve their goals. We have found (and research says) the most effective and enjoyable mentoring partnerships are those where supporting students to achieve their goals is balanced with many shared, fun experiences.

For 12 months, you'll meet with 'your' student once a fortnight and catch up each week by phone or email. You'll also be able to share your successes and challenges at monthly mentor meetings and take part in fun Project K events.

All prospective Project K mentors need to complete a 20-hour Project K mentor training course, where you will meet other interesting people to share the journey.  You will also be screened to make sure you are suitable to be a Project K mentor - a confidential process which is standard in all credible mentoring programmes internationally. 

You and your mentor group will then meet and be matched with the 12 students during the Community Challenge stage. Project K prefers same gender matching, wherever possible.

While mentoring does take commitment, it is also hugely rewarding. Many mentors have told us they learnt skills they apply to all areas of their lives, they learnt more about themselves, they set and achieved their own goals, and, above all, they witnessed their student grow in many positive ways.

Former mentor John Frear said: "It's an enormously satisfying and wonderful experience. You help young New Zealanders achieve their goals and watch them discover the opportunities the world holds. At the same time, you're developing your own leadership qualities."

But it's what students say that is perhaps the most important: "My mentor has made a major contribution in my life with her guidance, patience and understanding ... I know whatever the future holds for either of us, she will always be there for me and I will be there for her."

If you'd like more information about becoming a Project K mentor, please fill in this request form