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Peria School took out the Schools division in the inaugural Great Whangaroa Raft Race in April. The event was a huge success with 14 entries from local schools and community teams up for the challenge.

Kiwi Can Charitable Trust Whangaroa hosted the event and were overwhelmed by the support.

“It was a gorgeous day on the Whangaroa Harbour and we had some fearless contestants who saddled their entries and burnt some muscle over the 500m course,” says Kiwi Can Co-coordinator, Kate Moss. “It was fantastic to see such energy and enthusiasm out on the water and the effort that people put into designing and creating their rafts.  It was such a hot day I think they were all quietly relieved when the fire brigade hosed them down as they neared the finish line.”

The schools division had five entries with Peria School crossing the line first and Te Tii Primary second. Kaeo Primary’s - Lite Ning, the Totara North Vikings and the Kaeo Primary Paddlers placed thereafter.

The Open category was a diverse race with nine teams entered, all completing the course with varying degrees of ease.  San Kaeo, the Sanfords Fisheries team stormed across the line followed by Ngati Rehia Rebels from Te Tii,  KTown Shakers (John Argent and family), Can Tiki (Gundry/Mooney families), Fire Floater - the Kaeo Fire Brigade team, Shark Attack - the Kiwi Can Team, Team Cruso, Matangirau Rangatahi and finally the Kinetic Kinnons, a brave father – Doug Kinnon and his sons, Alex 8 and Henry 6.

Prizes were also awarded in each division for best Team Spirit, Most Creative/Innovative Raft and Water Safety.

“It was great to see the community step in to support the day; from the local mums who made fried bread and cakes to sell and families supporting their teams; to the Ambulance, Coast Guard, Dive North, NZ Paddle company and volunteer crew who made it all possible. We also had Dani Kaiawe and a team of waka Ama paddlers showcase a 12 man Waka.  It was loads of fun and we can’t wait to do it again next year,” says Kate Moss.

“We would also like to offer a hearty thank you to our other sponsors: NPC Graphics, Mt Pokaka Timber, Kaeoannes, Kauri Cliffs, Whangaroa Game Fish Club, Whangaroa Marina, The NZ Navy, Mike Style Builders, Bay Furniture Designs, Country Corner, Jo Hona, Kobi Wilson, Alf Hikowai and Tina Winder” said Kate Moss. Without them and the tremendous generosity of Sanford; Kiwi Can’s principal sponsor, this event and our community youth programme would not be possible.

San Kaeo (the Sanford Fisheries team), also kindly donated their first place Open Division prize back into the prize pool, which was extremely generous of the team members and certainly was a reflection of the community spirit on the day.

Well done and thanks for getting involved Whangaroa!

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