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Project K in Auckland

Northcote College’s 2013 Project K group returned to the arms of their families in early October, proud and tired! As they stood in front of the families for the first time in weeks, excited Project K spoke of seeing Orca while kayaking and eating clouds at 950 metre summit of Mt Te Aroha as some of the highlights of the 3 week Wilderness Adventure. However, the common theme spoken by this very diverse group was solidarity.

While these students kayaked the Firth of Thames coastline, mountain-biked the Hauraki Rail Trail and tramped the Kaimai Ranges they battled the storms that late September threw at them. Adventure Works’ Mark Mandeno and his instructors saw this group bond through raging gales and horizontal rain to become the team that would support each other through some high moments and many tough times.

The students spoke of the many changes they had made. “I felt judged by society, like it was better than me. During Project K I started peeling back the layers and started becoming better at being me” and “it has also brought a leader out of me which I realised I didn’t have till Project K.” They also revealed some realisations they had made, “it makes me appreciate my Mum and my Nan a lot more and how they provide for me, which I now realise isn’t easy.”

 But for this group it was all about the family they created. “My favourite thing about this trip would have to be the people I’ve met” said one student. Another gave the others the greatest compliment that can be given, “thank you for accepting me for me, thank you for all of the support you have given me and because you did that for me, you got to see the real me. I love you guys!”

 Programme Coordinator, Tony Yuretich says “these young people whose only commonality was their school started as strangers and finished as new people belonging to the same family.” The group are now out on their Community Challenge. Here they will research the city and what it can provide for them, how they can access resources and make connections with community groups. The students will also take part in a Community Project, a student-led initiative which will see them design and organise an event that ‘gives something back’ to the community. The students will then commence  their 12 month Mentoring phase.


Become a Project K Mentor

Mentoring can be a rewarding and positive experience and it's such a great opportunity to give back to the community. Project K mentors are ordinary people that come from all walks of life. What makes them extraordinary is their commitment to support a young person to help them maximise their potential. Change your life and that of a young person, sign up to become a mentor today!

Project K Auckland mentor enquiries and registration contacts:
p. 09 412 5844
m. 021 420 959

For mentor training dates please click here.

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