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Bishop Viard College Stars Adventure Camp 2013
By Kamaia Renata

On Monday 11 March the Bishop Viard College Stars group headed off on their Stars Adventure Camp to YMCA Camp Kaitoke for the week.  It was a new venue this year and we didn’t really know what to expect.  What made it even more mysterious was that the buses dropped us off to finish our journey to camp, through the bush, on foot.  Finally we arrived to begin a week of adventures. 

The activities included:  Archery, Horse-riding, Kayaking, High Ropes, Crate Stack and Bush Skills.  The boys and girls each had a night out in the bush in bivouacs that they created.  The girl’s bivy night inspired a vigorous spontaneous singing ‘battle’ around the campfire, with two groups challenging each other back and forth with all kinds of songs!  It was a magical night!  “We’re a family” said Year 9 student.

The last night was a time to celebrate with a concert.  The four Stars groups and their Peer Mentors performed the items they had planned and practised throughout the week.  The items include singing, dancing, drama, comedy and accurate portrayals of some highly embarrassed staff members!  The staff item was a hilarious rendition of YMCA.  The night was rounded off with an acknowledgement of all of the hard work that the Peer Mentors had put into the camp and they were presented with their Peer Mentor badges. 

A great start to the year for Stars and a wonderful way to establish new relationships and deepen existing ones!  Congratulations to everyone involved!

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