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Aaron Amundrud
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Kiwi Can in Southland

A Kiwi Can Day at Stewart Island

Kiwi Can has been at Stewart Island’s Halfmoon Bay School since its inception in Southland back in 2004. Because of the geographical distance and location of Halfmoon Bay, the usual 30-45 minute sessions that a class would normally have for a Kiwi Can lesson is structured quite differently. Once a fortnight, the leaders take the 20min flight over to the island and spend the whole day with the kids. Therefore every second Friday is a whole Kiwi Can day for its 20 plus students!

The day starts off with welcomes and catch ups, each student has an opportunity to share highlights from their past fortnight – stories of catching star fish and frogs, seeing kiwis, riding motorbikes and fishing for blue cod all come out in the open....not your average week!  After catch ups are done, its time for energisers.  Our Kiwi Can kids LOVE the energisers, it starts their day with fun, energy and enthusiasm.  Today it was musical paper - On went the music and out came the dance moves - break dancing, the robot, a bit of krumping, the scissors and the ever favourite Michael Jackson moonwalk!

After morning tea, the two classes explore the module for the day.  At the moment the students are looking at what conflict means and developing some strategieson conflist resolution.  As an activity, the students were broken into groups and given materials such as sellotape, fishing wire, plastic bag and blue tack.  Each group then had to devise a way, using their materials, to safeguard their egg when it was dropped approx five-six metres from the top of their playground stand.    The group had to communicate and share ideas, they also had to compromise with each other and find solutions to their problems.  There were some successes and then some that were not!

In the afternoon, the leaders have devised a unique way to challenge the senior students whilst still involving the juniors.  It’s called leadership groups.  The senior leadership team are taken away and taught an activity by the Kiwi Can leaders, then two students are identified to then teach that activity to the junior students.  At the end of the activity, the senior students then debrief with our leaders with feedback from their senior peers, self reflections and also feedback from Kiwi Can leaders.  This has been very well received from both students and teachers alike and provides a pathway for junior to senior students on the island.  There are some very impressive up and coming leaders coming our way!

Kiwi Can Schools

Ascot Community School
Bluff Community School
Fernworth Primary School
Halfmoon Bay School
Invercargill Middle
Longford Intermediate
Mataura Primary
New River Primary

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