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Project K in Southland

Stephanie was one of 12 students from Gore High School, Southland who have recently returned from their three week Wilderness Adventure.  This included activities such as rock climbing, cave exploration, abseiling, sea kayaking, rafting and an 11 day journey through the Western Southland area. 

Over the course of their Wilderness Adventure, the students were challenged to step outside of their comfort zone as individuals and as part of the team.  Darren McCauley, Programmes Coordinator says, “By exposing young people to real life challenges, they become more aware of their capabilities and develop new skills for everyday life”.

During the Wilderness Adventure, 15 year old Stephanie was challenged by many things and at times was ready to give up.  Stephanie writes, “Being away from home was quite challenging, but my group helped by cheering me on and helping me to be positive.  I was also challenged to ride a mountain bike because I had never learnt how to ride a bike before.  But I did overcome that fear and tried my best and now I can ride a bike.  In fact, I biked close to 28km on a mountain bike during the journey.  I did lots of outdoor activities that I never thought I would be ever able to do.  The group was my encouragement and the instructors gave great advice.  I could also hear my mum’s voice in the back of my head encouraging me.”

Stephanie admits that her thinking has changed as a result of the Wilderness Adventure.  “I am now socialising more with different people.  I have had a boost in myself, in my confidence.  I will use what I have learnt in the future by giving things a go, having confidence in myself and believing that I can do it.  I have also learned how to trust other people.”

The Gore High Project K group have recently started their 10 day Community Challenge with an Amazing Race.  Students were placed into groups to race around their community visiting various organisations, services and icons for points.  The activity is designed to introduce as many community organisations to the group as possible as a platform to discuss what community is and why its important.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this programme available.  We acknowledge all of our wonderful sponsors who enable us to work alongside our young people for the benefit of their future.

Project K Schools

Gore High School
Southland Boys High School

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