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Kiwi Can in South Canterbury

Timaru South School is closely associated with nearby wetlands and the school has completed several projects there over the years including clean ups and plantings.

Kiwi Can Leaders, Sally and Vaughan, decided to enhance this relationship by having each class build a nesting box for the birds to make a home in.

The classes were involved in designing the box, cutting out the individual pieces and putting it all together. Two students from each class were then selected to accompany the Leaders to the wetlands and select a location for their nesting box.

At each stage of this project the leaders were able to discuss with the students the positive effects the project would have on the environment, the types of birds that would be likely to use the boxes, how to choose a suitable location for them and most importantly, why they were doing it.

To date, the boxes have been highly successful and have made cozy homes for numerous birds.


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